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Kim Se Hwan / Nexon

With changes in the times and environment, the traditional one-way media based on TV channels has given way to platform-based interactive media, and interest in ESG management is increasing in the game and eSports industries. AfreecaTV is solidifying its position as a unique one-person media platform in Korea and setting an example for the public and its partner companies by faithfully implementing ESG management practices and fulfilling its social responsibility. I believe that AfreecaTV needs to be aware of its profound impact on generation MZ and strengthen its responsible media activities accordingly, as AfreecaTV has recently been actively operating one-person media targeting young consumers represented by the MZ generation.

In addition, I hope that AfreecaTV and the MZ generation will actively communicate and promote mutual growth with each other. I trust designing and providing contents combined AfreecaTV's eSports infrastructure with influencers highly preferred by MZ generation can be a good way to actively communicate with the MZ generation in the future. As a representative of Nexon, which is closely cooperating with AfreecaTV to provide services in the game field, I will continue to communicate actively with AfreecaTV in the future and contribute to solidifying our strong partnership.


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