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Seok Joo Il / BJ

With the active support of AfreecaTV, I am delighted to have been able to contribute to revitalizing the social atmosphere which had stagnated due to the COVID-19 pandemic by producing and utilizing various content as a BJ.

AfreecaTV recognizes its influence as an increasingly expanding media platform contributing to society by using its influence to help the socially disadvantaged, such as small business owners and the underprivileged. The fact that AfreecaTV has helped to revitalize the stagnant atmosphere of the local community through the production and utilization of various content by BJs during the COVID-19 era and positively impacted the economy is an example of this.

Furthermore, I believe that AfreecaTV should make various efforts to protect users and create a sound service environment. Due to AfreecaTV's nature as a one-person media platform, most users are in their teens and 20s. BJs and AfreecaTV have a significant influence on these people, so I think it is essential for them to understand the weight of their responsibility and make an effort to judge right from wrong.

As social segmentation accelates and social contribution activities diversify accordingly, I believe that AfreecaTV will have to further develop and foster shared growth and social welfare activities. In the end, I hope that AfreecaTV will develop and support campaigns using its social influence to improve social issues such as public health, social welfare, and the environment.


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