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Anybody can Freely Broadcast TV

AfreecaTV is a live social new media platform that spearheads a culture of enjoyable, touching, and innovative play in the global media entertainment market, powered by advanced technology and operational expertise. Guided by the vision 'Everyone is an Owner, and Everything Becomes Content,' AfreecaTV has fostered an environment since its inception in 1996 where users and creators can freely engage in content production and consumption without the need for special equipment. Moreover, the company has been dedicated to democratizing media by lowering entry barriers, enabling more people to actively participate and foster mutual growth.

  • General Information
    (As of Dec. 31, 2022)
    · Company Name
    AfreecaTV Co.,Ltd
    · CEO
    Chan-Yong Jung
    · Founded on
    Apr. 22, 1996
    · Address
    AfreecaTV Co., Ltd.,
    Pangyo Seven Venture Valley 1-2, 15, Pangyo-ro 228beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
    · Employees
    * Excluding employees in domestic and global subsidiaries.
  • Business performance
    (As of Dec. 31, 2022)
    · Revenue
    314,977 KRW million
    · Operating Profit
    82,419 KRW million
    · Credit Rating
    Evaluated by NICE D&B
    · Platform Service Revenue
    230,236 KRW million
    · Advertisement Revenue
    80,366 KRW million
    · R&D Performance (cumulative)
    58 cases
  • Major businesses
    (As of Dec. 31, 2022)
    AfreecaTV 's platform is a means for anyone to show their content and communicate via live streaming. Content creators (BJs) and users can create secon- dary media content (e.g., edited video clips and short- form video) with the live video.
    • AfreecaTV

    • BJ streaming

    • Catch

    Leveraging the strong communities on AfreecaTV and content power that has grown for years, we provide packaging advertisements that meet the needs of our clients.
    • In-stream ads

    • Banners

    • Content ads

Global Network

AfreecaTV has established overseas subsidiaries in six countries - Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, U.S., Hong Kong, and Vietnam- to meet diverse user demands.

Overseas Subsidiary

Local subsidiaries in 6 countries around the world
Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam

Domestic subsidiaries

  • FreeCap Co., Ltd.

    CAPPY, a messaging service that makes financial investment and information easier with collective intelligence

  • Afreeca Freecs Co., Ltd.

    A professional gaming team sponsored by Kwang Dong Pharmaceuticals

  • AfreecaTV OpenStudio Co., Ltd

    OpenStudio, a playground of BJs and users

  • FreeCong Co., Ltd.

    A global packaging platform collaborating with artists and brands

  • FreeCut Co., Ltd

    Specialist in Video-on-Demand Production

  • Freemeta

    A company crafting a metaverse where users take on the role of owners

  • FreeBR, Co., Ltd

    Full-service advertising agency

  • Afreeca Colosseum Co., Ltd.

    Cable/IPTV channel operator broadcasting esports and content from BJs

  • Meta S.I. Co., Ltd.

    IP holder expanding from sports IP to commerce, metaverse and NFT

Received the Job Creation Award at the KOSDAQ Awards Received the Best IR Award at the Korea IR Grand Awards Launched the AfreecaTV partnership service Opened the Sangam Afreeca Colosseum, an esports stadium Received a plaque of appreciation from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for protecting the youth
Adoption of sole-CEO structure (Chan-Yong Jung) Launched AAM, an ad management platform Held FreeCon 2021, AfreecaTV’s original eSports event Launched the AFT (AFreecaToken) market Awarded by the Minister of Science and ICT
Signed an esports partnership with Activision Blizzard Held FreeCon 2020, AfreecaTV’s original eSports event Opened the Afreeca Colosseum, an esports stadium Launched ARC and AFL, AfreecaTV’s original sports leagues
Released AfreecaTV VR Player, an HMD content platform Listed on Forbes’ 2019 Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion
CAdoption of Co-CEO structure (SooKiel Seo, Chan-Yong Jung) Launched APL, AfreecaTV’s original PUBG league Held the PUBG Korea League (PKL)
Opened OpenStudio Set up the Global One - Build platform Launched ATL and AWL, AfreecaTV’s original game leagues
Launched an international service (Hong Kong) Launched the AfreecaTV Original StarLeague ASL and GSL
Launched an international service (Thailand, Taiwan and global) Renamed to FreecUp Studio after acquiring GomXP Studio
Launched the first international service (Japan)
Renamed to AfreecaTV Co., Ltd.
Nowcom acquired by Saint International Co., Ltd. Sookiel Seo appointed as CEO
Renamed to Nowcom Co., Ltd.
Listed on KOSDAQ
Established as Wins Technology Co., Ltd.
Protection of Minors May 2022

In May 2022, AfreecaTV was awarded the 'Youth Protec- tion Commendation' organized by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. As part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen ESG Management, AfreecaTV has placed a strong emphasis on monitoring and collaborating with private monitoring organizations to address the harmfulness of inappropriate content for minors. Through these efforts, AfreecaTV has created a safe and healthy media environment for youth.

MOU to Support Small Business Owners Feb. 2023

AfreecaTV signed an MOU with the Small & Medium Business Distribution Center in February 2023 to support small businesses in digitalization. Through the MOU, we plan to help them with planning and producing virtual live commerce materials and selling their products on Shopfreeca.

Top Rank in the Commerce Category Dec. 2022

In December 2022, AfreecaTV was selected as the 1st place winner in the Commerce category at the 'Korea Brand Evaluation Awards.' Organized by the Korea Brand Evaluation Committee and sponsored by JoongAng Ilbo, the event aims to discover and award brands that have high consumer trust and satisfaction through consumer voting and official evaluation.

Best KOSDAQ- Listed Company Sep. 2023

AfreecaTV received the Best KOSDAQ- Listed Company Award at the Korea IR Grand Awards in September 2022 in recognition of its outstanding efforts for holding media conferences and disclosing its performance.

Promotion of Eco-Friendly Products of Jeju Feb. 2023

In February 2023, AfreecaTV collaborated with a Jeju-based cosmetics company to conduct a promotion and sales partnership using BJ (Broadcasting Jockey) and platform networks. They held a collaborative live commerce event titled 'Nature's Gift, Jeju Certified Cosmetics Sales King,' incorporating the content element of competition among BJs to provide users with unique enjoyment and promote eco- friendly product consumption.


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