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To our esteemed stakeholders, I would like to begin by expressing my sincere gratitude for your continuous interest and support for the sustainable growth of AfreecaTV. Society is changing rapidly as the post-pandemic time is seen as the new normal, which has a multifaceted impact on AfreecaTV and all stakeholders. The value of online-based content is higher than ever before. Individual content creators (BJs) are being positively recognized, leading to an increase in the worth of their creations. This shift has created a virtuous economic cycle that supports creators in their creative work. Additionally, it has facilitated the acceptance of digital content as mainstream entertainment accessible to people of all genders and ages. The inclusion of esports in the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games 2023 serves as a symbolic representation of the transformative changes taking place in our society. For companies like AfreecaTV, which stand at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry, it is a crucial time to dedicate endless efforts towards adapting to this evolving landscape and breaking the mold.

AfreecaTV has developed and expanded in the ecosystem of live community platforms for the last 10 years, on which we have generated meaningful outcomes in our key businesses. To take it further, we are preparing to secure long-term growth engines by expanding our business portfolio to advertisement, commerce, metaverse and the global market. AfreecaTV strives to promote sustainable management, while continuing to grow financially. This year, with AfreecaTV’s third ESG report, we aimed to further enhance our ESG impact management. We have set three key directions for environmental impact management. For the first time, we measured the greenhouse gas emissions of our headquarters in Pangyo. From a human rights management perspective, recognizing the significant influence of digital content, we incorporated provisions addressing human rights violations in our partner streamer contracts. Additionally, in order to minimize social management risks, we have engaged in CSR activities targeting vulnerable groups and provided human rights training for our employees.

We will continue to increase the value of communication and connection through our business and promote sustainable management. We will also respond actively to climate change, anti-corruption and other important topics that are emerging around the world. I would like to ask for your continued support for AfreecaTV’s future as we endeavor to grow and become a socially responsible company.

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