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Environmental Impact Management

AfreecaTV seeks to minimize the negative impact of our business activities on the environment, from platform building to content development, distribution, and promotion. Therefore, we are committed to practicing sustainable environmental management by establishing a plan to manage environmental impact, with a particular focus on energy consumption and the management of water and waste in our operations.

Promotion of Environmental Impact Management

AfreecaTV is addressing global environmental issues such as climate change and striving to minimize negative environmental impacts. To achieve this, AfreecaTV has established three directions for environmental impact management, taking into consideration our industry and business model. Based on this, we plan to promote environmental management activities.

AfreecaTV's directions for Environment Impact Management

Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

AfreecaTV plans to disclose its greenhouse gas emissions for the first time in 2022 as part of its efforts to manage environmental impacts in its broadcasting media operations. We measured the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, starting with its headquarters building, by monitoring the electricity consumption used in business operations, content production, broadcasting, and other activities. It also compiled data on fuel consumption related to vehicle operations, such as on-site visits and business meetings. Based on this information, AfreecaTV aims to conduct various campaigns to promote energy efficiency and prevent unnecessary energy usage, taking a proactive stance in addressing the global climate crisis that has become a pressing issue. We plan to expand its greenhouse gas management system and systematically manage energy usage. As a leading company in the media industry, we are committed to fulfilling its corporate responsibility for environmental protection.

Greenhouse gas emissions of AfreecaTV
* Pangyo HQ
Greenhouse gas emissions of AfreecaTV
Category Unit 2020 2021 2022
Scope 1 tCO₂eq 79.407 86.779 87.725
Scope 2 273.073 275.828 296.305
Total 352.48 362.608 384.03
Intensity of greenhouse gas emissions tCO₂eq / KRW 100 million 0.1885 0.1381 0.1262

Energy Usage Reduction Activities

As part of its efforts for environmental protection, AfreecaTV is actively implementing various energy-saving initiatives to encourage its employees to take responsibility for eco- friendly lifestyles. We are pursuing energy technology development to reduce electricity consumption from devices such as PCs and servers. Additionally, AfreecaTV is conducting diverse campaigns in the workplace to help employees decrease their energy usage. We plan to minimize energy consumption and contribute even more proactively to environmental protection through system optimization, employee campaigns, and the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Energy saving efforts
에너지 저감 노력 이미지

Green Purchasing

As part of its environmental impact management, AfreecaTV is expanding the purchase of eco-friendly items such as FSC-certified paper and LED light bulbs. Starting from February 2021, we began using FSC-certified paper, and in January 2022, we replaced the fluorescent lights in the AfreecaTV office with LED lights, which consume approximately 22% less electricity.

AfreecaTV Eco-Friendly Purchase Cost
Category 2021 2022 1H 2023
FSC-certified paper KRW 4,023,200 KRW 5,705,200 KRW 1,372,000
LED Replacement - - KRW 24,200,000

Together GOGO Campaign

AfreecaTV is conducting a sustainable environment and resource protection campaign through the 'Together GOGO Campaign' organized by the Ministry of Environment. We are actively promoting the reduction of single-use items and the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives. We encourage habits like turning off unused lights or unplugging devices to save energy and prevent unnecessary energy waste while promoting the use of environmentally friendly products. Furthermore, we will continue to make proactive efforts to address climate change, raise employee awareness, and promote a culture of environmental friendliness. We will persistently run campaigns to grow as a responsible corporate entity, working towards a sustainable future.

GOGO Campaign

Production of Environmental Content

We utilize the influence of BJs to raise awareness among users about environmental issues, climate change, and nature conservation. They create diverse content on these topics to engage users. Collaborating with the Korea Central Resource Volunteer Center, we have carried out environmental volunteering activities, such as revitalizing the Han River Eco Park, organizing plogging (jogging and picking up litter) events with participating BJs, and conducting tree-planting campaigns. These activities are then turned into new content. Through these efforts, we aim to enhance users' understanding of climate change and illustrate how small individual efforts can have an impact on global environmental issues. By producing various content for preserving a sustainable environment, AfreecaTV is establishing itself as an exemplary company that fulfills its social responsibilities.

  • Hangang Ecological Park Keeper
  • Voluntour

Eco-Friendly R&D

Our efforts to reduce carbon emissions can be seen as one of the prominent examples of companies taking responsibility for the global environmental issue of climate change. We are actively seeking ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, with a particular focus on addressing various challenges in the operation of our data centers. We are making concerted efforts to minimize electricity consumption during incoding and decoding processes by actively adopting IDC low-power technologies. By doing so, we are continuously striving to reduce overall energy consumption.


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