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Business Ethics

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System and Activities

As demands for ethical compliance and fulfillment of social responsibilities in corporate activities increase, AfreecaTV is making various efforts to establish a fair and transparent corporate culture to gain customer trust. Additionally, we conduct ethics training for employees to enhance their ethical awareness and share ethical principles to guide their actions in situations involving ethical conflicts related to their work.

Business Ethics System

To internalize ethical principles, AfreecaTV has established and implemented a Code of Ethics. Additionally, we have publicly announced a Code of Conduct as detailed guidelines to set standards for employees' decision-making and behavior. We conduct ongoing monitoring to ensure that employees adhere to ethical norms more accurately. Furthermore, our commitment to ethical management is explicitly stated in the "Operational Policies" published on the official website, and we operate an internal control program to solidify a culture of ethical organizational policy.

Business Ethics Pledge
I am obligated to act in accordance with the principles, beliefs, and policies stated in the guidelines.
I promise not to engage in any actual or explicit actions that may conflict with the interests of the company.
I commit to maintaining accuracy, fairness, timeliness, and clarity in all my records and documents.

Code of Conduct

AfreecaTV is establishing a systematic foundation to prioritize ethical values as the primary standard for all employees and actively promote adherence to these values. As part of this effort, we have formulated corporate ethics guidelines to provide guidance on ethical value judgment for employees and to fulfill responsibilities towards society and customers. On February 12, 2018, AfreecaTV publicly disclosed its Code of Ethics, which prioritizes principles such as morality, autonomy, fairness, respect, and trust, while also defining obligations towards the company, investors, customers, competitors, and other stakeholders. The Code of Ethics was revised in August 2021 to ensure that all employees directly or indirectly engaged with AfreecaTV’s business adhere to these principles, thereby fostering a transparent and ethical corporate culture and fulfilling the company's obligation to uphold ethical management as a responsible member of society.

Code of Conduct
Principles of morality, autonomy, fairness, respect, and trust
  • Obligations to the company and investors
  • Obligations to customers, partners and other business-related stakeholders, as well as to competitors on a limited basis
  • Obligations to coworkers
  • Duty of both the individual, the company, and its subsidiaries to comply with the laws, rules, and regulations of the foreign countries where the business is conducted
Five stakeholders in the Code of Conduct

Business Ethics Training

AfreecaTV conducts education focused on ethical management practices to promote a fair ethical culture. Specifically, every year, a two-month-long training program is provided to all employees, during which they pledge to understand and comply with the company's ethical norms through an Ethics Management Pledge and an Anti-Corruption Compliance Pledge. Additionally, training activities are carried out to enhance awareness of ethics and legal compliance, including capacity-building education for compliance officers and mandatory ethics training for new employees. To prevent unethical behavior proactively, violations of the code of conduct related to key issues are subject to internal regulations and sanctions. Furthermore, instances of violations are utilized as compliance training materials to prevent recurrence effectively.

Business Ethics Training
Category 2020* 2021 2022
Training hours per person - 3.5 4.5
Completion rate (%) - 98.0 86.1
* No training on business ethics in 2020

Whistleblower System

We operate an internal reporting system through company bulletin boards, phone, fax, and mail to actively address unethical behavior by employees. Through counseling and reporting of unfair practices or improper demands from employees and related parties, we are striving to eliminate misconduct. We also implement an anonymous reporting system to protect the identity and content of the informants, ensuring that they do not suffer any disadvantages. Immediate post-reporting measures are taken through the Human Resources Committee.

Report process
  • Report icon
    STEP 01


    • Receive a report via a phone call, fax, mail, etc.
  • Investigate icon
    STEP 02


    • Identify the reported person and verify the matter of fact
  • Monitor & manage icon
    STEP 03

    Monitor & manage

    • Conduct monitoring to prevent recurrences
  • Action & discipline icon
    STEP 04

    Action & discipline

    • Take measures, such as reporting the matter to the Human Resources Council and imposing a discipline

Grievance Handling Channel

AfreecaTV operates a grievance handling channel to address potential human rights-related issues such as workplace harassment, abuse of power, and group bullying. Individuals who wish to report can do so through email, and the reports are reviewed by the relevant department to identify and implement improvements or seek resolution through the Human Resources Committee. Furthermore, relevant information is posted in employee break rooms, restrooms, etc., and a counseling box is installed to raise awareness among all employees about these matters and to provide an avenue for anonymous reporting of difficulties.

Grievance Handling Channel

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