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R&D for Sustainability

AfreecaTV has been engaged in research and development efforts aimed at enhancing user experiences. These initiatives encompass a range of advancements, including but not limited to the DRD (Dynamic Relay Distribution) solution-a real-time traffic Load Balancing System- and integration technologies for mobile platforms. These technologies collectively facilitate convenient access to both live and VOD streaming content. Also, to ensure stable service for users in anytime, anywhere, AfreecaTV has constantly developed and adapted optimization technologies and has been endeavored to increase channels for the higher connectivity between viewers and influencers (BJs). Furthermore, AfreecaTV is exploring the media implementation for the next-generation displays such as AR, VR, Hologram, Glass, and Retinal Display and the company continues its study to determine the most suitable future media platform and content for AfreecaTV service. Also, AfreecaTV is gradually adapting machine learning and AI technology to process video and text data and to use it to analyze viewers demands catering to their specific requirements.

R&D Organization

R&D Investment

R&D Outcomes and Intellectual Property

As of Dec. 31, 2022
Area Live streaming VOD Others Total
No. of cases 24 8 26 58
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property
Category Patents Trademark Rights
No. of cases 19 141 (129 domestic, 12 overseas)

New Business Strategy

To expand its business foothold in domestic and international market for sustainable growth, AfreecaTV has gradually adopted live commerce, NFTs, and Metaverse services through new technology development. OTT (over the top) technology platform will increase access to online spaces for the users without the constraint of time and place. As such, AfreecaTV will strengthen the capability to build an ecosystem of a 'global one-person multimedia platform' by creating and implementing a sustainable strategy in line with the current business trend.

Sustainable Business Strategy

  • Platform improvement
    • Improve the resolution and bitrate
    • Personalized recommendation
    • Use open API for interactive features
  • Content expansion
    • Signature/original content
    • Expand VOD and Catch service
    • Boost esports partnership
  • Advertisement Sustainable Growth
    • Expand the advertiser pool
      (non-game companies & global game companies)
    • Advance the AAM solution for platform advertisement
  • Global expansion
    • Lay a foundation for sustainable growth via partnership
      (Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.)
  • Live streaming and VOD services including replay and edits or Expand content offering from Live streaming to VOD services including replay and edits

  • Launching personalized service, resolution & bitrate improvement, short-from video service(Catch), and Open API feature adoption

  • Launch a new global metaverse platform and expand Block Chain Based services

  • Open bidding for ads (AAM) and content ad products

  • Increase the efficiency of the AAM, develop new products, expand the advertiser base and boost commerce services

  • Improve the effectiveness of content ads and expand new ads products

Core Values




  • VR /AR and metaverse

    Content and service development for the next generation display technology

  • Machine learning · AI

    Advancing personalizing algorithms and overall user experience for the service via big data analysis.
    Increasing efficiency by advancing the targeting technology via ad statistics analysis

Freemeta Multi-Platform

Freemeta is a multi-platform based on the blockchain technology. It is comprised of Freeblox and the AFT(AFreecaToken) Market and forms an autonomous metaverse economic ecosystem. Freeblox allows users to create a virtual multiverse space with the metaverse technology and is equipped with features, such as a custom map or live streaming. Users can create an avatar and communicate in real time and engage in live streaming, chatting, real estate deals and other economic activities. Also, the AFT Market is a blockchain based market place for NFT content where replay VOD, popular clips, esports highlights, BJ avatars and other digital content can be traded in NFT bidding.


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