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ESG Management

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Sustainable Strategy

AfreecaTV is aligning its strategic objectives and challenges with the ESG trends in the media industry. It has established management strategies to achieve these objectives. The significant cultural and strong social impact AfreecaTV has on the public serves as a catalyst for addressing various ESG-related issues such as climate crisis response, enhancing organizational transparency, and resolving social problems like inequality and discrimination. AfreecaTV actively promotes diversity among participants, enhances inclusivity and accessibility of content, and strives to achieve sustainable management practices.

ESG Keywords

ESG Targets and Key Activities

Building a sustainable media platform

    Build a system to promote eco-friendliness

    • Promote energy use reduction and environment campaign

    Engage in CSR activities for the local community and employees SOCIAL

    • Create jobs and provide competence-building training
    • Volunteer in local community

    Foster sustain able governance

    • Create a system for clean content
    • Implement a policy for supporting partners

Sustainable Governance

AfreecaTV has established an ESG committee and advisory body under the board of directors to systematically promote and oversee ESG Management initiatives. Building on this foundation, the company is actively advancing sustainable business practices, enhancing communication with stakeholders, and proactively identifying and mitigating risks. Moreover, we strategically utilize various ESG factors to explore new opportunities, devise innovative business models, and strengthen competitiveness within the multimedia platform service industry. During the 26th regular general meeting of shareholders, the company set up a basis for the ESG committee and advisory body's activities and continues to periodically deliberate on key decisions related to human rights management, social contributions, and other ESG matters. The decisions are further executed through working groups, ensuring that each division takes proactive steps towards ESG improvements, fostering a comprehensive ESG Management culture throughout the organization. With a heightened emphasis on human rights and climate action, specific working groups have been organized to identify improvement objectives and establish implementation goals for each issue.

ESG Organizational Chart

Roles and Operation Process

  • STEP 01

    Board of Directors

    • Establish, implement and revise policies
    • Examine plans/progress for key issues
    • Report, deliberate and resolve material issues
  • STEP 02

    ESG Committee

    • Discuss ESG-related matters
  • STEP 03

    Oversight - IR Team, Management Support Department

    • Establishment and enhancement of ESG Management system
    • ESG training and support for integrating KPIs
    • Encouragement and promotion of improvement activities
    • Disclosure and response to ESG evaluations
  • STEP 04

    ESG Council

    • Discussion of improvement directions for each issue
    • Execution of improvement measures
    • Sharing of achievements

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