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Stakeholder Communication

AfreecaTV recognizes the diverse needs of stakeholders and is committed to improving service experience and accessibility. We have made significant efforts to expand our connection channels with stakeholders and to establish a robust structure within our interactive media communication platform service.

Types of Stakeholders

Types of Stakeholders
Definition Key Issues Communication and Activities
Shareholder An entity that takes part in company management directly/ indirectly by owning shares
  • - Financial performance
  • - Transparent disclosure
  • - Live quarterly perfor- mance broadcasts
  • - Disclosure of IR materials
  • - General shareholders' meetings
  • - Analyst days & conferences
Media Association/
An entity that discusses media norms, rules and ethics and sets common values
  • - Compliance with media ethics
  • - Enhancing the enterprise value
  • - Association community
  • - Media Meeting
Community &
Civil Society
A group of people that seeks the development of a certain area
  • - Community CSR
  • - Revitalization of local economy
  • - Local government networks
  • - CSR programs
User An entity that uses the AfreecaTV platform
  • - Privacy protection
  • - Increase in service quality
  • - Website Communication Center
  • - Customer Center
  • - User meetings
An entity that creates content on AfreecaTV
  • - Increase in the number of users
  • - Profit from content
  • - Satisfaction survey
  • - Content Support Center
  • - BJ meetings
Employee An employee or worker who is involved in company activities
  • - Improving work environment
  • - Compensation and performance
  • - Internal portal communication platform 'Communication ON'
  • - eTown hall meetings or Online townhall meetings

Distribution to BJs

    • Distribution to BJs
    • (unit: KRW Million)
    2020 251,463
    2021 346,324
    2022 388,080

    As a global leader in the 'donation-based economy' business model, AfreecaTV contributes to indirect economic value creation by redistributing the revenue generated through the donation-based economy business model to its BJ.

    • Tax payment
    • (unit: KRW Million)
    2020 9,684
    2021 18,125
    2022 23,060

    AfreecaTV fulfills a duty of good faith and responsi- bility as a taxpayer and indirectly contributes to the growth of the economy and community by paying taxes faithfully.

    • Dividend
    • (unit: KRW Million)
    2020 7,068
    2021 8,047
    2022 7,963

    As part of our capital management, AfreecaTV imple- ments stable dividends, and we allow shareholders to directly decide on dividend distributions during shareholders' meetings to protect shareholders' rights and enhance shareholder value through a shareholder-friendly dividend policy.

    • Employee compensation
      and incentives
    • (unit: KRW Million)
    2020 43,537
    2021 50,767
    2022 63,014
    * Including salaries, benefits, stock compensation costs, etc.

    AfreecaTV strives to enhance the company's revenue and profitability through mutual growth with our employees, providing appropriate welfare and compensation. The symbiotic relationship with our employees within the workplace extends to regional mutual growth, indirectly contributing to the local community's economy.

    1) Revision in the figure following a change in the
    calculation method (Separate financial statement ->
    consolidated financial statement)
eTown hall meeting For employees

Every quarter, we have an internal broadcasting channel where all employees come together to share their opinions on key company issues such as direction and challenges. From the CEO to every employee, everyone has the opportunity to express their thoughts and collectively brainstorm to chart the company's development path. Through this internal communication, AfreecaTV has become a company trusted by its employees.

BJ meeting For BJs

We hold annual on-and-offline meetings with our core business partners, the BJs. During these meetings, we explain media responsibilities and policies to the BJs while also listening to their concerns and demands. Through this process, AfreecaTV supports the expansion and creation of content by the BJs and promotes mutual growth between all parties involved.

User meeting For users

We hold monthly meetings with users to facilitate communication. It is an online live communication channel, through which we deliver our new services, policies and messages. We reflect the voices of our users to improve our services.

ALCon (AfreecaTV Live Conference) For investors, BJs, users and other stakeholders

We conduct live broadcasts to share our business performance and future directions with all stakeholders, including employees, investors, partners (BJs), and users, every quarter. Leveraging the advantages of a two-way communication platform, we engage in real-time communication about the company's financial performance and future strategies.

SEED system (SEE Dream, Plant SEED) For employees

This is our internal idea proposal system that provides opportunities for employees to actively introduce and realize their creative ideas into the services. By fostering a culture of creativity within the organization, establishing a foundation for new growth drivers, and expanding the ecosystem, we enable individual and organizational growth, creating positive synergy together.


AfreecaTV is fostering a wholesome organizational culture through multifaceted efforts in social and structural aspects. We actively support our employees to lead healthy and fulfilling lives through real-time live communication channels. Within this liberating and progressive environment, we are striving to realize our unique corporate values of 'sharing, joy, health, togetherness, and social contribution'.

Building a Corporate Culture

  • Share
    - Stock option
    - Special incentives (profit sharing)
    - Benefits and holiday points
    - Benefits for special occasions
    - Self-development expense
  • Contribution
    - 1% Charity Initiative
    * Voluntary donation for disabled children and marginalized people
  • Enjoy·Health
    - Health examination support
    - Group accident insurance support
    - Influenza vaccination support
    - Psychological counseling program
    - Infertility leave support
    - In-house cafe operation
    - Workation system
    - Internal and external education support
    - Refreshment leave support
  • Together
    - Shared daycare center
    - 10-year service award system
    - Shuttle bus operation
    - Flexible working hours system
    - SEED system
    * SEE Dream, SEED that stands for Supporting Employee's Extraordinary Dreams, is a reward system for employee ideas
    ** Sending gifts for employees' parents birthdays, childbirth and first child congratulations, paid family love leave support

AfreecaTV, where everyone enjoys together

    • No. of active BJs
    • (unit: Persons)
    2020 17,415
    2021 17,137
    2022 14,638
    • Average daily viewing time
    • (unit: Hours)
    2020 3.01M
    2021 3.04M
    2022 3.09M
    • Cumulative streaming time
    • (unit: Hours)
    • 2020 21.82M
    • 2021 20.98M
    • 2022 17.55M

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