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CSR Activities(Content)

AfreecaTV leverages its influence in the media industry to actively engage in various social contribution activities. Starting from its own social contribution initiatives, AfreecaTV collaborates with BJ to create social contribution content and works with local communities to carry out diverse social contribution activities. Furthermore, by utilizing the strengths and characteristics of the media industry, we produce citizen-participatory social contribution content and supports local economic revitalization initiatives, making contributions in various fields. Through the expansion of its social contribution activities, we aim to exert a more positive influence and fulfill its social responsibilities as a company.

CSR Content

Since signing a partnership agreement with the Korea Central Volunteer Center for the activation of social contribution and volunteer activities in August 2020, AfreecaTV has been actively engaged in various volunteer activities through its 'AfreecaTV BJ Volunteer Team'. To promote regular and diverse volunteer activities, the team participates in activities such as Han River Eco Park Restoration, plogging (picking up trash while jogging), and providing coal to those in need, in collaboration with the Korea Central Volunteer Center. We plan and produce related content to encourage users of all ages to join in its unique social contribution activities. By involving familiar BJs who are popular among the public, we have transformed the image of volunteering from something difficult and burdensome to a fun and accessible activity that anyone can enjoy participating in. Recently, on Arbor Day, AfreecaTV broadcasted content of plogging and tree planting activities at Han River Eco Park to raise awareness about environmental protection and reforestation efforts in the local community. This initiative aims to generate viewer interest in global issues such as carbon neutrality and environmental protection, while fostering a positive perception of corporate social problem-solving activities. Moreover, we consistently endeavor to encourage user participation in volunteer activities and promote a positive perception of social contribution initiatives, disseminating a culture of volunteering and contributing to the community.

  • Volunteer (plogging)

    Picking up garbage while jogging around historic sites and nature reserves
  • Hangang Ecological Park Keeper

    Plogging and planting trees at Hangang Ecological Park
  • Coal briquettes delivery

    Delivering briquettes to low income families in the winter

Content to Raise Awareness about the History and Culture

AfreecaTV commemorates historically significant days such as Hangul Day, June 25th Korean War Memorial Day, and National Liberation Day by producing valuable educational content and sharing it with the public. To achieve this, the platform collaborates with local authorities to conduct various programs, including creating memorials, on-site experiences, talk shows, panel discussions, and lectures. In addition, we offer diverse programs where popular BJs, who are experts in their respective fields, explore history and local culture. We will continue its educational efforts through ongoing collaboration with relevant institutions to enhance citizens' historical knowledge and awareness. By creating accessible learning content in various fields, including law, the platform aims to improve citizens' knowledge and critical thinking skills.

  • Korean War Special: Visiting the Memorial Hall for Incheon Landing Operation
  • Hangul Proclamation Day Special: Korean Quiz Competition
  • Rockes Episode 19: National traditional music competition in Naganeupseong Walled Town, Suncheon
  • Good Night, Book Night
Content to Raise Awareness about the History and Culture
No Content Date Description
1 Rockes Jan. 2022 Music concert at Gapyeong Music Station 1939 for local residents
Feb. 2022 Music concert at and visit to the Naro Space Center
Apr. 2022 Music concert at Gasansupia, nation's biggest arboretum
May 2022 Music concert in Naganeupseong to promote the national traditional music competition
Jul. 2022 Music concert in Goesan to promote the regional product
2 Good Night, Book Night Apr. 2022 Audiobook content “Welcome to Hyunam-dong Bookstore”
May 2022 Audiobook content “Psychology Answers Anxiety”
Jun. 2022 Audiobook content “Colored by Love”
Jul. 2022 Audiobook content “Inconvenient Convenience Store”
Aug. 2022 Audiobook content “Would I Marry Me?”
Sep. 2022 Audiobook content “Millionaire Next Door”
Oct. 2022 Audiobook content “As If You Can Do Anything”
Nov. 2022 Audiobook content “Inconvenient Convenience Store 2”
Dec. 2022 Audiobook content “Stranger Things”
3 Korean War Special: Visiting the Memorial Hall for Incheon Landing Operation Jun. 2022 Visiting the Memorial Hall for Incheon Landing Operation to learn about the Korean War
4 National Liberation Day Special: Singing Liberation Aug. 2022 Concert of BJs who are traditional musicians in commemoration of the 74th National Liberation Day
5 Hangul Proclamation Day Special: Korean Quiz Competition Oct. 2022 Quiz competition to learn the excellence of Hangul with popular BJs

Utilization of Live Commerce

AfreecaTV also engages in social contribution activities through live commerce content. By collaborating with BJs, external companies, and local communities or selling collectibles through flea markets, the platform donates a portion or all of the generated revenue to support underprivileged neighbors and local communities. These activities not only create promotional effects but also contribute to fostering a culture of giving. On a larger scale, we demonstrate its commitment and responsibility as a member of the social community, spreading the value of sharing management and promoting the culture of donation.

Online live commerce 'I Love Osong: Best Donation Salesperson'

To celebrate White Day, AfreecaTV conducted a live commerce content called 'I Love Osong Donation Sales Champion' for three days from March 12 to promote small-scale cosmetic brands in Osong, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. This content featured 10 BJs participating in a relay-style broadcast. When viewers purchased eco-friendly cosmetic products from local brands, they also had the opportunity to contribute to fundraising for the victims of a forest fire in Gangwon Province. This initiative went beyond simply promoting local products; it also involved collaboration with local government authorities to allocate a portion of the sales proceeds to support those in need within the community. Through these efforts, we actively contributed to fostering a culture of donation and received positive responses from viewers and participants alike.

Loving AF Day with BJs and users

On April 1, 2023, in celebration of AF Day (Afreeca Fool's Day), AfreecaTV conducted a relay donation commerce event called 'Sharing Love on AF Day' in collaboration with AfreecaTV BJs. This event was different from the previous commerce events and quiz contests, as it provided an opportunity for other BJs and users to participate in social contribution activities together. In this content, a total of 22 BJs participated, and it followed a 1+1 donation format, where for every item purchased by users, an equal quantity of the same product was donated. The products sold were daily necessities and food-related items, and the donated products were delivered to children in childcare institutions. Through this initiative as part of the 'Positive Influence Campaign,' AfreecaTV engaged in social contribution activities and encouraged participation not only from BJs but also from other users to foster a culture of donation.

'BJ Expedition' for Mutual Growth with Local Communities

AfreecaTV is contributing to the revitalization of local economies through the 'BJ Exploration Team' project, in which BJs explore and share local tourist attractions and festivals with users. We rigorously select BJs and provide support for content production. Through this initiative, we promote the charm and wonderful experiences of local attractions, contributing to the activation of local economies. Through ongoing efforts and collaboration, we strive to pursue broadcasts that involve local communities, fostering organic relationships and working together for the development of the region.

'BJ Expedition' for Mutual Growth with Local Communities
No Content Date Description
1 SPOEX Feb. 2022 2022 SPOEX (international sports leisure fair) in Seoul
2 Food Expedition: Winter Gongju Chestnuts Feb. 2022 Boosted local economy by visiting the Chestnut Festival and nearby restaurants & markets
3 Kandinsky, Art of Innovation Mar. 2022 Art of Innovation, Kandinsky and Malevich exhibition at Sejong Art Center
4 Clayarch Gimhae May 2022 Viewed the exhibition and made a pottery
5 Gokseong & Ulsan World Rose Festival May 2022 World Rose Festival of 1,004 kinds of roses in Gokseong and Ulsan
6 Gyeongju Blue One Water Park Jun. 2022 Introduced Blue One Water Park in Gyeongju (Storm Wave, Tornado Slide, etc.)
7 Gyeongju World & California Beach Jul. 2022 Introduced the rides at Gyeongju World and California Beach (Valkyrie, Draken, Krak, X, Wipe Out, Turbo Twist, etc.)
8 Pyeongchang Summer-Hunter Jul. 2022 Introduced the festival in Pyeongchang (huge air slide, catching trouts, tractor in Gwangcheon Cave, etc.)
9 Food Expedition: Goesan Corn Festival Jul. 2022 Promoted Goesan's regional product, corns, and the Corn Festival
10 Food Expedition: Daegu Chicken-Beer Festival Jul. 2022 Promoted Daegu's famous summer festival, the Chicken-Beer Festival, to popularize the culture globally
11 Food Expedition: Dongseong-ro Hot Festival Jul. 2022 Promoted stores on Dongseong-ro and the Hot Festival to encourage the users to visit
12 Alpensia Resort Aug. 2022 Visited Pyeongchang Alpensia and showed the activities (alpine coster, luge, fairy tale in the forest, etc.)
13 Food Expedition: Hwacheon Tomato Festival Aug. 2022 Attracted visitors by promoting tomatoes, Hwacheon's regional product, and performing
14 Food Expedition: Goesan Pepper Festival Sep. 2022 Attracted visitors by promoting peppers, Goesan's regional product, and the festival
15 Gwangju Chungjang World Festival Oct. 2022 Attended the festival and experienced activities of the past (roller stakes, marbles, songs, etc.)
16 Food Expedition: Geumsan Ginseng Festival Oct. 2022 Expedition content in which talented BJs livened up the mood and promoted the online/offline festival
17 Food Expedition: Jeonju Bibimbap Festival Oct. 2022 Attracted visitors by introducing Jeonju Hanok Village and its famous food
18 Daejeon Popcorn Fair Nov. 2022 Visited the international character and content fair in Daejeon to introduce subcultures and media content
19 Miryang Arirang Astronomical Observatory Nov. 2022 Introduced the Miryang Arirang Astronomical Observatory where we learned some information about aliens, culture and songs and had fun experience

Industry-Academia Talent Sharing

AfreecaTV, as a leading one-person broadcasting media platform, has been conducting collaborative programs with high schools across the country. Through career talk concerts, lectures, and experiential education, we utilize the talents of its BJ's and employees to provide students interested in the broadcasting industry with opportunities to explore the field. Since 2019, we have organized 11 'User Meetings' to enhance offline communication with aspiring young broadcasters. Even during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, great efforts were made to comply with the health guidelines and continue the programs. As a result, AfreecaTV was recognized as a leading company for on-site internships by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and the Gyeonggi-do Education Superintendent. We will continue to promote BJ as a profession, contribute to the growth of the one-person media industry, and create positive value for local communities.

  • 2022 outreach user meetings
  • Making an ad for AfreecaTV
    (Jun. 2022 Sungnam Techno Science High School)
  • Experiencing the user participation feature
    (Dec. 2022 Kangnam ICE High School)

CSR Activities (Engagement)

Campaign to Support Underfed Children

AfreecaTV is conducting various campaigns to support underfed children. These campaigns aim to provide assistance to children affected by food shortages and famine, which are occurring globally. 'Love's Basket' is a social contribution campaign conducted in collaboration with the E-land Foundation from March 22nd to March 28th, with offline broadcasting on April 7th. In this campaign, for every view of the participating BJ's videos, a donation of 1,000 won was made, and this donation was used to provide goods for households of malnourished children. During the campaign, BJs conveyed the process of preparing gift packages of daily necessities for children through live streaming content, emphasizing the purpose of the campaign. Furthermore, a fundraising campaign through the E-land Foundation's incubating site was also conducted to help more underfed children. Furthermore, the 'Sharing a Meal' campaign was carried out to promote small businesses that voluntarily support malnourished children and exercise positive influence. Through these positive influence campaigns, the funds collected with people's interest and participation provided some relief for the difficulties faced by underfed children.

Donation and Sharing

AfreecaTV continues its charitable activities not only through donating a portion of content revenue but also through voluntary participation from its employees in the '1% Sharing Movement', where they donate 1% of their monthly salary or a fixed amount each month. Through this initiative, we support various domestic and international charitable organizations that work to help vulnerable populations. We contribute to organizations like PNAN for international refugee support, Good Neighbors for marginalized communities worldwide, and local welfare activities through organizations like Ilchon Community. In 2022, through the '1% Sharing Movement', we donated 36 million won, and in addition to that, we made further donations of 64 million won through other charitable activities, providing assistance to many people in need. AfreecaTV will continue its ongoing efforts in sharing and donating, striving to create warm and supportive local communities.

Partner organizations for the 1% Charity Initiative
  • Non-governmental organization that provides shelters to refugees to help them overcome difficulties
  • An organization that engages in various projects to protect and help poor children, elderly people who live alone, people with disabilities and other marginalized groups to gain independence
  • An organization that takes care of poor and marginalized people and strives to prevent child abuse around the world
  • An organization that provides welfare services to adoptees, people with disabilities, multi-cultural families and other marginalized groups
1% Charity Initiative
2020 1%나눔: 29.985 , 기타기부:101,763   2021 1%나눔: 31,935 , 기타기부:74.403 , 2022 1%나눔: 35,580 , 기타기부:63.996 2020 1%나눔: 29.985 , 기타기부:101,763   2021 1%나눔: 31,935 , 기타기부:74.403 , 2022 1%나눔: 35,580 , 기타기부:63.996

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