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Healthy Culture for Media

To foster a healthy media culture, AfreecaTV establishes and enforces service operation standards and usage policies for all participants, including BJ and users. In doing so, we continuously gather feedback from stakeholders to develop rational operating policies, while also implementing various policies and processes, including information security measures, to fulfill our social responsibilities. We will strive to ensure that all users can comfortably and enjoyably utilize AfreecaTV's services, while making continuous efforts to maintain a stable and open broadcasting platform culture.

Media Content Operation Policy

AfreecaTV established a content operation policy based on legal and ethical responsibilities to provide healthy media content. Also, we post notices about revisions of the Content Operation Policy, following the rapid changes in the external social environment, on our communication center and take preemptive measures on matters that are not yet protected by law.

  • Sexual inappropriateness
  • Gambling
  • Violation of laws
  • Violation of copyrights
  • Harm to minors
  • Violation of public morals
  • Defamation
  • Violation of the company's rules
Disciplines and standards
  • Warning
    • Minor violation
    • Violation against the BJ's will
    • Unknowing violation
    • Violation by others
  • Suspension
    • Violation of the operation policy
    • Violation with impure intentions
    • Major violation that causes public criticism or reputation loss
    • Multiple bans from chats by CleanAT (administrator)

Clean Content Campaign

AfreecaTV continuously aims to create a healthy culture of one -person media with BJs and users of all ages. We promoted the Clean Content Campaign as a leading platform company that provides creative and valuable content. We shared educational news posts and video clips to prevent the production of content that is against social norms with content creators (BJs) and posted about the Clean Campaign on various channels to raise awareness about it.

음란물,폭력물, 불법복제, 허위정보 대신 창의적이고 유익한 콘텐츠 제작으로 건강한 1인 미디어 문화를 지켜주세요.

Healthy Culture through Monitoring

AfreecaTV makes the utmost effort to enhance user satisfaction and provide a convenient and enjoyable environment for service users by filtering content that violates the operation policy in the service through 24/7 monitoring.

Monitoring targets
  • Official content
  • Password set content
  • Age-limit content
  • Minor BJ's content
  • Content with high user participation
  • Reported content
  • BJs with continuous violation
  • Personal channel & bulletin board
  • Chats
  • Nicknames
  • VOD, posts & comments
  • Messages
Monitoring method
  • STEP 01

    Review and action by the relevant team

    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Assign personnel to each category
    • Check real-time and CS reports
  • STEP 02

    Group decision-making whether violated or not

    • Verify if it violated the operation policy
    • Decide if real-time action is needed
    • Decide the discipline
  • STEP 03

    Inform of violation and ban content

    • Take action within 3 days of informing
    • Explain the detailed reason for suspension on a pop-up screen
    • Monthly monitoring and review of action

Training on the Operation Policy

AfreecaTV leads the way in promoting responsible media culture by offering not only posts but also webtoons and video content to make it more accessible for users. Content creators, known as BJ, can apply for Best BJ status and receive additional benefits by completing a minimum of 5 AfreecaTV BJ education courses. Moreover, AfreecaTV provides guidance through internet broadcasting guidelines and VOD-based operational policy training, developed by KISO (Korea Internet Self-Governance Organization), to help BJ produce appropriate content.

Scope of training
  • Streaming while driving
  • Outdoor streaming
  • Defamation
  • Junior BJs
  • Violating others' rights
  • Illegal streaming
  • Harm to minors
  • New BJs
Training on the operation policy
아프리카BJ 교육

AI Filtering Technology,
Taekwon A and
Taekwon S

To foster a healthy chat culture within the community, AfreecaTV has developed and implemented its own AI filtering technology. The 'Taekwon A' technology filters out advertisements and offensive chats, while the 'Taekwon S' technology detects and blocks explicit content and adult materials. Especially on April 7, 2022, to enhance the protection of minors, AfreecaTV further improved 'Taekwon S' by reinforcing an image filtering system to detect and block lewd and inappropriate posts. Through the proactive enhancement of these technologies, AfreecaTV effectively discerns and blocks harmful chat and content, ensuring the protection of viewers. Any detected harmful chat or content results in immediate punitive actions, and continuous monitoring is conducted to prevent recurrence.

AI Filtering Technology, Taekwon A and Taekwon S
Taekwon A Taekwon S
Scope Advertisement and foul language Sexually inappropriate content
Purpose Effectively filtering all sentences generated during live broadcasts and private messages to promote a healthy chat culture Protecting the users by filtering sexually inappropriate behavior and content swiftly and effectively
  • Taekwon A filters foul behavior in chats during live streaming and bans or removes the user
  • Messages are divided into normal, spam and foul language, and measures are taken accordingly
  • Establishing an admin page to take action against detected users through dedicated operators
  • When explicit content is uploaded within the service, Taekwon S conducts real-time detection and measures the level of explicitness, categorizing it as either 'Highly Certain' or 'Probable' and promptly transmits to a dedicated admin through the system
  • The detected explicit content is conveyed along with problematic segment thumbnails and highlight videos of the 10 seconds before and after the content
  • Assign 24/7 dedicated operators for explicit content to review and take final measures such as deletion, hiding, or suspension of content as appropriate

Promoting a culture of respect for life

AfreecaTV is making significant efforts to foster a culture of respect for life. It has established a systematic process for sanctioning life-related broadcasts and is internally promoting awareness of the importance of respecting life. Additionally, AfreecaTV is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korean Foundation for Suicide Prevention to conduct campaigns for fostering a culture of respect for life online, with a particular focus on preventing youth suicide. These efforts reflect AfreecaTV's commitment to understanding the cultural impact of media and fulfilling its responsibilities accordingly. The platform will continue to undertake various activities to create a healthy online culture.

Report Center Respect-for-life campaign
Report Center Respect-for-life campaign
Sanctions on life-related content
Detect life-related content and see if it's appropriate
End and suspend streaming after checking the content
Notify the public agency (police, firestation, etc.) of the measure
Report the content and the history of measures

Preventing and Stopping Copyright Violation

AfreecaTV provides training and guidelines to BJ creators to discourage the use of copyrighted content that is still within its protection period, as well as any unauthorized editing or alteration of copyrighted works without permission from the original creators. The platform also emphasizes that BJ creators should refrain from using copyrighted materials such as sports, movies, and animations without proper authorization for content production. To prevent and eliminate copyright infringement, we have established a Copyright Infringement Reporting Center where users can report any violations, leading to appropriate sanctions against the reported content. AfreecaTV's Terms of Service, specifically Article 22, explicitly states its stance on intellectual property rights, including copyrights and personality rights. It clearly indicates that the platform reserves the right to take legal action and determine accountability based on the results of any legal proceedings regarding copyright infringement. Furthermore, the platform highlights that in case of any infringement on intellectual property rights by users, we have the right to suspend or reject the use, removal, deletion, or transfer of the infringing content according to procedures specified in the Copyright Act and relevant laws. In addition, we explicitly specify ownership, usage rights, and permissible purposes regarding copyrights to minimize potential disputes related to intellectual property rights.

Efforts for Mutual Growth

AfreecaTV's BJs play an active role as media responsible entities. They provide joy to many people and ensure media diversity, performing a positive role. To support them, we offer tailored support programs, enhance BJ management systems, and maintain smooth communication through various channels. This support has enabled new BJs to engage in stable activities, while also ensuring a continuous supply of high-quality content to users. We will continue our efforts to create a better media environment for BJs in the future.

Enhancing User Satisfaction

AfreecaTV provides systemtaic job training to all employees to enhance their competence and makes the utmost effort to enhance user and partner satisfaction. For example, we collect satisfaction surveys from users and partners and monitor the quality of services internally to continuously improve it. Moreover, we hold an online and offline user meeting every month to listen to the voices of many different users. By doing so, we collect ideas to enhance satisfaction, improve our services and promote our new services and policies. We will continue with our effort to provide better services through communication with our users.

Communication channels to enhance user satisfaction
  • 1:1 inquiry
  • Customer service
  • Report channel
Training and activities to enhance user satisfaction
  • Employee training

    • Train employees who are responsible for monitoring or answering inquiries
    • Train employees who are responsible for communicating with BJs
  • Consistent monitoring

    • Review monitoring and response measures
    • Monthly user meeting
    • Increase the sense of responsibility by assigning monitoring personnel a special title
  • User satisfaction survey

    • Survey on the satisfaction for the answers to inquiries
    • Revise the operation policy and improve the quality of services that are inconvenient for the users
Percentage of "very satisfied" users in customer service (%)

Operation of the Content Support Center

AfreecaTV operates a Content Support Center to help BJs with creative ideas but facing difficulties in content production to realize their content creation and further support active content production activities and growth. The Content Support Center provides various tailored support to eligible applicants. It offers support for BJ's content production costs and necessary equipment and technology for broadcasting, as well as promotes the content and BJ through placement on the main page or AfreecaTV cable channels. In 2022, the number of applications through the Content Support Center reached 909, with 554 cases (60.9%) confirmed and supported.

  • Selection criteria

  • Acceptance vs. application

Selecting and Supporting Best BJs

AfreecaTV selects and recognizes professional BJs (Best BJs) who engage with users through diverse content and their unique personalities on a monthly basis. Best BJs are chosen based on quantitative evaluations, qualification examinations, and additional bonus points. Selected BJs receive various benefits, including psychological counseling program support four times a year, dedicated inquiry board support, and support for a dedicated vehicle, among others. Currently, AfreecaTV selects up to 85 Best BJs each month, which includes the top 80 BJs based on quantitative scores and an additional 5 BJs recommended by the company, taking into account content quality, partnership, and other factors. Notably, for the selection of excellent content BJs, we positively consider incorporating qualitative aspects related to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) activities.

Selection procedure
  • STEP 01

    Application submission

  • STEP 02

    Initial screening (qualitative)

  • STEP 03

    Second screening (qualification)

  • STEP 04

    Announcement & training

Onboarding Support for New BJs

AfreecaTV strives to provide personalized support for BJs at different stages of their growth. For newly registered BJs with broadcasting hours between 500 to 1,000 hours, the platform offers a separate support program to provide various opportunities and assistance in establishing themselves as professional BJs. For example, newly registered BJs are rewarded with points that can be used to acquire broadcasting equipment or utilize in-house VOD editing services, encouraging active broadcasting activities. Exclusive events and content operation support are also provided for newly registered BJs to help them get started. To further strengthen their capabilities as one-person media content creators, we operate a 1:1 personalized care hotline called 'Newbie Zone' to support BJs in adapting to the platform and broadcasting their unique content in a stable manner. AfreecaTV, as a leader in media culture, expands programs in collaboration with BJs and contributes to enhancing individual capabilities, enabling them to grow as media creators who can lead the market. By providing a variety of education programs and events, we support BJs in realizing creative ideas and developing more professional broadcasting skills. Together, they create innovative broadcasting content to provide viewers with diverse and enjoyable content options.

Support for new BJs
Newbie Zone

Maum Todak, a Counselling Program

AfreecaTV operates a specialized psychological counseling program called 'Maum Todak' for the well-being of its BJs. This program aims to provide support to BJs in coping with psychological stress, including malicious comments, while ensuring their freedom of expression during live broadcasts. Furthermore, personalized psychological counseling is offered to BJs, expanding the scope of care provided. Currently, the program is available to both BJs and internal staff members, with the company fully funding the costs, and strict protection measures are in place to safeguard counseling records. AfreecaTV remains committed to fostering a healthy broadcasting culture with its BJs, and will continue to implement ongoing care programs, sparing no effort in supporting the growth and development of its BJs.

Maum Todak
  • Apply
  • Make an appointment
  • Receive counselling
  • Follow up

Campaign to Protect Minors

As the media market expands and diverse content consumption increases, we have established a youth protection policy and implemented systematic management to safeguard minors. In line with the Youth Protection Act and relevant information protection laws, the platform enforces youth protection policies and designates a youth protection manager to provide channels for counseling regarding harmful information and potential harm. Furthermore, AfreecaTV informs users about sanctions and civil and criminal liabilities related to inappropriate behavior. In cases of newly arising harmful information, the platform proactively guides users and conducts educational campaigns to raise awareness among all users. Moreover, on April 1, 2022, AfreecaTV participated in volunteer activities to support underprivillged youth by donating Star Balloons at Youth Center located in Seongnam-si, Sujeong-gu. AfreecaTV's consistent efforts in this area have been recognized externally. In 2022, the platform was selected as an exemplary company for youth protection measures by the Korea Communications Commission and was awarded the Youth Protection Merit Appreciation Plaque from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. We will continue our endeavors to create a safe and healthy media environment for youths.

Donation to the youth
Plaque of appreciation for protecting the youth

Indirect Effect of Job Creation

The popularization of smart devices and the development of high-speed wireless communication infrastructure have led to the emergence of various professions. Among them, the domain of digital content, which was previously focused on text and images, has expanded to video, giving rise to a profession known as creators (BJ) who generate economic value through platforms like AfreecaTV and streaming content production. In other words, there is a noticeable indirect effect of job creation through these emerging platforms. We not only create a stable content production environment for content creators (BJs) but also strive to foster a sustainable ecosystem where talents from diverse industries can continue their careers through the platform's services. For instance, professional gamers can transition into live broadcasting and even host amateur gaming competitions after retirement. We aim to be a gateway of opportunities for talented individuals, facilitating a continuous cycle of content creation and supporting a symbiotic relationship. In addition, we will continue to be a nurturing ground for various content creators, ensuring a stable income for many BJ's and contributing to a mutually beneficial business ecosystem.

Indirect effect of job creation*
* BJ who has generated income above the minimum wage based on a 40-hour weekly or 209-hour monthly work schedule

AfreecaTV MCN (Multi Channel Networks)

AfreecaTV's MCN (Multi Channel Networks) is a partnership service aimed at supporting BJ's live and VOD activities in multiple ways. To be eligible, channels must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time on YouTube. Through this program, we strive to enhance BJ's convenience and benefits, including content distribution and copyright management.

MCN benefits
  • Copyright management
  • Increased scope of PR
  • Content promotion
  • 1:1 hotline
  • Convenient video production
  • Matching with a VOD editor

AfreecaTV Partnership Products

AfreecaTV offers partnership products such as live commerce, branded content, and brand PPL, providing a system for collaboration and mutual growth between BJ (broadcast jockeys) and advertising companies. Live commerce utilizes Ad Balloons(interactive ad service) to allow broadcast participants to engage with the BJ they support and explore advertiser's products. Based on their fandom for the BJ, broadcast participants develop a desire to purchase the advertised products, leading to a high conversion rate. Branded content involves planning and producing focused content for a single brand. Content produced in LIVE+VOD format goes beyond simple advertising, evoking enjoyment and empathy in users and eliciting positive responses. Brand PPL exposes products naturally in various official broadcasts of AfreecaTV and BJ's content to promote them. Particularly when BJ's vibe aligns well with the brand message, this can generate high advertising effectiveness at a lower cost.

  • Live commerce
  • Branded content
  • Brand PPL

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