Corporate Philosophy

AfreecaTV, a media platform where everyone is the owner

Direction of SOOP Co., Ltd.

  • SOOP's vision is to create the media platform of which
    our users are owners, not customers.
  • SOOP's philosophy is to pursue higher degree of freedom of
    speech, equality and love for each user.
  • SOOP's mission is to democratization of media.
  • SOOP's dream is to connect the whole human race live.
  • SOOP's motto is genuineness and empathetic sharing.
  • Open source, crowd wisdom, sharing economy and giving economy
    are the basis for our platform.
  • AfreecaTV's service is focused on growing the ecosystem of the
    communities made and operated by our users and Broadcastiong Jockeys.

SOOP Co., Ltd. Human Rights Management Declaration

SOOP Co., Ltd., as a business focused on the live social media platform 'AfreecaTV,' leads an innovative culture that brings joy and inspiration to our society by providing a new media service where everyone can easily engage in live streaming technology anytime, anywhere, making all participants the owners. Through this, we aim to contribute to the continuous development of our society in a more human-centered direction, based on our philosophy of freedom of expression, individual equality, and the spirit of tolerance.

SOOP Co., Ltd. declares the principles of human rights management as attached in this declaration in order to fulfill its responsibility for respecting human rights as a company, and to realize human rights-respecting management in its relationships with all individuals, including internal members, users, investors, shareholders, business partners, and the local community.

SOOP Co., Ltd. Code of Ethics

SOOP Co., Ltd. was founded on the principles of morality, autonomy, fairness, trust, and respect. These principles are essential for securing and maintaining respect from our shareholders, employees, government agencies, and more broadly, the general public. They are core values necessary for the sustainable management of SOOP Co., Ltd. and the success of the company.

SOOP Co., Ltd.'s Code of Ethics encompasses these principles and values that serve
as the standard for our direction, and we hope everyone associated with us
also lives based on them.